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I got married!

That's right! I finally found someone who loves me with all my quirks and wants to build this business with me and loves Jesus like I do, so I decided to keep him! Well, I guess he decided to keep me too, lol.

You may have heard through the grapevine but now you heard it from me. Sorry it took me so long to announce this. It has been a crazy summer to say the least. I moved to a new town and am planning on moving Lapp It Up as soon as we can find the right space to fit our needs! There are some exciting things in the works for Lapp It Up and the need to produce more kombucha for all the thirsty people keeps us going, I have been putting in some long days at our current facility, so hopefully a move will allow me to work more days and shorten those days a bit.

So what's his name? Nicholas Cullum, but he goes by Nick.

Over the winter of 2020-2021 when I was making all the long treks to Columbus for the Clintonville drive through market, the one thing that kept me motivated to keep going was Nick! I knew he would be waiting there to help me with the market, keep me company and keep me laughing. And then we would always spend the rest of the day together. We lived 1 & 1/2 hrs apart so seeing each other every weekend was a special treat.

On May 30th, 2021 Nick asked me to marry him at the top of the Blue Rock Fire tower. It was our 1 year dating anniversary which made it extra special. Of course I said yes! We knew that we wanted a short engagement, just long enough to plan a wedding, so we got married on July 31st at my parents beautiful 27 acre farm. It was wedding of dreams. After returning from a wonderful honeymoon in western MI & the UP, we are getting settled in and adjusted to married life, which is wonderful by the way.

We had a little kombucha bar at the wedding which was super fun and very popular among the guests!

We currently live in southwest Columbus and hope to own our own little bit of homestead property someday. But for now, we're happy in the suburbs with our dog Ruger and a few spiders who call our basement home. :)

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