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Cranberry Kombucha Wassail and Blog Announcement

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

This time of year everyone is reflecting on the past year's events and making plans for the new year. A lot has happened in a year for me personally and in my kombucha company. We officially launched our kombucha to retail shops 1 year ago and then this year added 2 new permanent flavors. I have met so many new friends over the past 12 months, many of whom will remain lifelong I hope. I look forward to what the next year holds.

 I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, so with the New Year coming up, I have decided it's time! 

This blog will be a place where I share news and updates on Lapp It Up! Kombucha with you, but also where I will share things that I am learning and that you may find useful. Things like recipes for fermented foods, using kombucha in particular, will also be sprinkled in heavily.  

I enjoy hot drinks so much, especially during the cold winter days. Tea is a favorite of mine. I like almost all kinds, although I prefer it to be of high quality and loose leaf. It's a calming ritual of mine to watch the tea leaves unfurl and tinge the hot water with lovely shades of gold, amber, and green.

But this winter I decided to try something a little different. With the holiday season and cranberries to be found in abundance I have been enjoying cups of tart cranberry wassail loaded with healthy probiotics due to the present of kombucha. I love the fact that cranberries are low in sugar unlike apple cider which is what you typically find in wassail. I discovered this recipe last year so I adapted it to be even healthier.

If you keep the wassail in a crockpot, you can keep it warm all day long and add your kombucha to your cup right before pouring the wassail over it.This would be great to serve at your New Year's Eve Party. Just have guests mix their own in mugs or if you prefer, you can mix it all together and keep it in a crockpot on low throughout the evening. Have a bowl of cranberries set aside for garnish if you wish.

To make the wassail, check out this recipe for Healthy Holiday Wassail.

Cranberry Kombucha Wassail

makes 12 servings

1 batch Healthy Holiday Wassail

1 quart plain or fruit flavored Kombucha or Jun Kombucha( I used plain jun and it was delicious)

fresh cranberries,optional

I like to make this in individual servings instead of mixing it all together at once. This way the kombucha is not exposed to excess heat for long periods of time, which would essentially pasteurize it and kill most of the healthy bacteria.

For each serving, pour 2/3 cup of wassail into a mug and top off with 1/3 cup of kombucha. Put a few cranberries into each cup. Enjoy your cup of winter cheer!

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