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Lapp It Up was launched in summer 2014 with a small savings account, an ambitious girl's dream of owning her own business,  (without any savvy business experience or knowledge) and a love for healthy food and beverages. 

Hey there! My name is Junita Cullum, (formerly Lapp, hence the name) and along with my husband Nick, I own Lapp it Up LLC. We are a small kombucha brewery located in Central Ohio. Our heart is that not only will you fall in love with our tasty traditionally fermented teas, but that your body will reap the benefits and realize that healthy can taste amazing! 

A little backstory. 

I first tried kombucha while working at a health food store. While it wasn't love at first sip, it quickly grew on me. Fast forward a year later and gallons of it were being cranked out in my parents basement. The need to share it became a real thing, so my friends and family became the recipients of excess brews and scobys. 

 As I continued to share the cultures and kombucha with friends and family, my inspiration and creativity continued to develop and I began to explore with unique flavoring ingredients and brewing conditions.

I even thought, hmm, maybe this could become a business?! And that's how it all began. 

In 2015, I acquired a commercially licensed shared kitchen space which allowed the production to expand and gave an opportunity to sell it to shops in the area for resale. 

Although lots has changed since those early days ( brewing late at night after a full day's work is no fun, I'm telling you) Lapp It Up is still just as committed to creating authentically brewed small batch kombucha. We use traditional fermentation methods and never filter or pasteurize our kombuchas. Every batch is flavored with ingredients that are sourced from local small farmers. 

In 2020, when I began dating my now husband, Nick, he naturally became a business partner by default and necessity. His handyman and welding skills have enabled our production methods to improve drastically. We are committed to growing our business sustainably while seeking ways to constantly improve and grow better.  

We'd love to connect with you! Feel free to drop us a line or stop by to visit us at one of our farmers market stands. 


Junita & Nick Cullum

Lapp It Up LLC

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