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Tea Potpourri

I hate waste and have made it a goal and point of mine to get to a point where we have the least possible waste in the production and distribution of Lapp It Up Kombucha. So, while we have always composted our tea leaves after using them to make our kombucha, I decided to try putting them through a second use before composting them. While brewing kombucha several weeks ago I had the idea to turn them into a potpourri that would work as a pretty and sweet smelling air/ room freshener. It turned out to be a great idea so I thought I would share it with you in case it may be helpful to any one else! Here's the basics to how you do it.

After using tea leaves to make tea or kombucha, you dry them in a dehydrator or in the oven on low with the door cracked open. I used the oven on 170 degrees. 

Take your now dry tea leaves and add in any other dry herbs, flowers or spices you wish. Basically you want something that will look pretty and be absorbant, because you will be scenting it.

Add in about 50 drops of any kind of essential oils per lb of potpourri and stir to mix. Place in a tightly sealed glass jar and allow to mature 1 week before using. 

Uses for your potpourri-  place some in a bowl as an air freshener, put some in a sock or fabric bag and place in your drawers to scent your clothing, place some in a fabric bag and keep it under your pillow as a sleeping aid ( use lavender oil for this one as it is a sleeping aid), burn some in a small bowl to clear a room.

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